Scientific imagery at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

Since its creation, KIK-IRPA has used scientific imagery for the study and conservation of the cultural heritage in Belgium. X-radiography and infrared reflectography are routinely carried out at the Institute and on-site by our scientific imagery team.

These non-destructive methods of examination serve two main purposes:
- to help assess the true condition of a work of art
- to study the techniques and materials of a work of art.


Ultraviolet photos can also be done if it turns out to be interesting when studying the work of art. This technique is especially used to determine to what extent alterations have been done.

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A long tradition...

The scientific examination of works of art at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage was pioneered by our founder, Paul Coremans. More information   





If you own a work of art of particular historical or artistic interest, you can submit a request for an opinion from one or more of KIK-IRPA’s team of experts. After assessing your request, they will decide whether or not to accept; note that KIK-IRPA reserves the right to refuse work that it does not consider to be of sufficient interest.


Contact person:
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