Candidates are selected according to their qualifications, curriculum vitae and motivation.

- For Conservation-Restoration, candidates are required to have a master's degree or equivalent in conservation-restoration.
- For the Laboratories, candidates are required to have a master's degree or doctorate in chemistry, physics or conservation science.
- For Documentation, candidates are required to have a master's degree in the history of art.
Applications are only possible within three years of completing the relevant master's or doctoral degree. The candidate can be in his/her final year of study at the time of application.
- Practical knowledge of French or Dutch is strongly recommended in order to fully benefit from interaction with colleagues and the lecture program. Failing this, an excellent command of English is necessary. For the laboratories, a basic knowledge of written English is required.

They must also:

- have a study grant or sufficient resources to cover living expenses in Belgium. Although there are no fees, KIK-IRPA does not provide funding for interns' living and travel expenses, insurance and healthcare (InBev-Baillet Latour Fund internships, see special conditions).

- have health and physical accident insurance for the full period of the placement.

- Interns from countries outside the European Union must have an appropriate visa to cover the period of their internship.