The Laboratories Department

The Laboratories Department at KIK-IRPA regroups 10 sections: seven of which deal with scientific materials, two study the dating techniques (radiocarbon dating and dendrochronology) and the last one deals with preventive conservation.

The objectives of this department are twofold: studying the techniques and materials used for the completion of works of art as well as their ageing mechanisms.

The specificity and sometimes the authenticity of works of art are determined by analytically identifying different components. The laboratories participate in the study preceding every treatment of a work of art within the conservation-restoration workshop.

The laboratories take part in research projects both nationally and internationally and regularly publish their results.

If you own a work of art of particular historical or artistic interest, you can submit a request for an opinion from one or more of IRPA’s team of experts. After assessing your request, they will decide whether or not to accept; note that IRPA reserves the right to refuse work that it does not consider to be of sufficient interest.


Head of the department:
Hilde De Clercq - hilde.declercq @