Workshop on conservation of photos a success!

On the initiative of the Baltic Audiovisual Council (BAAC, Estonia) IRPA-KIK in cooperation with the Centre de recherche sur la conservation des collections (CRCC, France) developed a workshop on the conservation of photographs. The meeting took place on 2 and 3 November in KUMU Art Museum in Tallinn with the support of the Estonian Photographic Heritage Society and the Institut français d'Estonie.

By means of theoretical lessons and practical exercises 25 selected participants from Estonia, Letvia, Lithuania and Canada were acquainted with the identification of both traditional and modern photo materials and received an introduction in preventive conservation of photographic collections. The participants can now apply and diffuse their newly acquired expertise at their workplace, ranging from museums to archival centres and universities.

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Hilke Arijs (IRPA-KIK, Preventive conservation) and Bertrand Lavédrine (directeur CRCC)