Study day for conservation of church textiles

Since its creation in 1948, one of IRPA-KIK's main tasks is the conservation of Belgium's exceptionally rich ecclesiastical heritage. Owing to the campaign ran by our Institute in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, Belgium is the only country that disposes of a nearly exhaustive inventory of its heritage preserved in churches. Several hundreds of thousands of photos can now be accessed through our online photo library.

But IRPA-KIK goes much further in granting support to church committees for the conservation of their art heritage. Liturgical vestments, which are less and less used, are particularly in danger. IRPA-KIK launches a training day for persons in churches that are responsible for the conservation of these often valuable textiles.

The training module is organised for parishes, church committees, pastoral units or other non-profit organisations that are confronted with problems of conservation of liturgical vestments, and this on demand. In the morning the specialists of IRPA-KIK's workshop for conservation-restoration of textiles give a richly illustrated presentation in which they elucidate the best environment conditions for conservation of these garments. In the afternoon they give a practical training for small groups (16 persons at the most), starting from the garments that are kept in the ecclesiastical institution acting as host.

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