Discover BALaT!

KIK-IRPA launches BALaT, a new search module that replaces the search form of the online photo library and allows to search four data bases simultaneously: the photo library and library of KIK-IRPA, the Dictionnaire des peintres belges and a repertory of persons and institutes. It has several new features:

-          All the photos in the photo library are now downloadable free of charge in the archived format, except those taken in the last ten years, which are available upon order. All photos can be custom ordered as well.

-          Alongside the search by field, a general search is now available that is easier and more intuitive for non-specialists. The results can easily be refined: in each field scroll menus allow to choose terms to refine the results.

-          You can now perform a search on date

-          The results are automatically indicated on a geographic map

-          The catalogue of the library of KIK-IRPA is now available online

KIK-IRPA  wants to be the crossroads with direction poles the visitors can follow to learn more about the art and cultural heritage of our country. They are not only invited for a first acquaintance or rediscovery of the photo library and library, but also to contribute actively to improving and expanding the available information. In the future the supple structure of this research instrument  will enable links to other data bases and offer the possibility to add the results of recent researches. The direction and personnel of KIK-IRPA wish everyone a pleasant and fascinating journey!


Click here to access BALaT