CoMa 2013: an international success!

On October 31 CoMa: Safeguarding Image Collections took place at KIK-IRPA, a conference dedicated to collection management, conservation and digitization. With 104 participants from 18 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa we can speak of a tremendous international success.

Keynote-speaker Johan Swinnen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) addressed the significance of image collections and their importance for our global society using examples from Bangladesh and Nepal. He also raised the hidden potential of Belgian collections (cf. Germaine Van Parys who currently has an exhibition in the FOMU in Antwerp,

In her closing lecture Aparna Tandon (ICCROM) stressed the new possibilities for these collections and the importance of audiovisual heritage for the whole of society, e.g. through job creation (digitalization and description), reuse by the new industry (e.g. by the development of new technologies) and raising large-scale awareness of the past.  

The abstracts can now be consulted on the conference website, where the pictures were added as well.

The proceedings are being prepared for publication.