75 000 Art nouveau objects online


In March 2012 the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (IRPA-KIK) joined the two-year European project Partage Plus in which 23 institutions from 21 countries participate. All in all around 75 000 objects in Art nouveau style (jewelry, posters,  furniture, stained-glass windows, ceramics, architecture...) will be digitalized and rendered accessible to the public on the website Europeana. This database will moreover be completed with 2000 3D models.

IRPA-KIK's photo library, a collection of more than 1 million negatives, contains thousands of photos of Art nouveau heritage. These negatives, taken between the early 20th century and today, will soon enlarge the vast virtual collection of Partage Plus.  


On February 26 2012 IRPA-KIK organised the conference "Documenting, conserving and restoring Art nouveau heritage". Click here for the abstracts of the communications.






The project has received funding from the Commission’s ICT Policy Support Programme as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.