Book on the Master of Elsloo also online!

This is the KIK-IRPA’s first publication that is also available as an e-book!

 A Masterly Hand. Interdisciplinary Research on the Late-Medieval Sculptor Master of Elsloo in an International Perspective gathers the results of two years of intensive interdisciplinary study of the Master of Elsloo, a group of late medieval woodcarvers working in the area of the current-day Meuse-Rhine Euregion. In October 2011 the results were presented on an international conference at the KIK-IRPA. To the seventeen articles on art historical or material technical questions are added an inventory of all works associated with the Master of Elsloo. As all publications in the Scientia Artis-series, the book is richly illustrated with new photo material.

Alongside the printed book, for the first time an electronic version is presented. This attractive and user-friendly e-book is available free of charge on our website. It has additional features such as zoomable photos and a direct link between the inventory in the book and BALaT, the online database of the KIK-IRPA. Discover the e-book here

The paper version is available at the reception desk of KIK-IRPA or via Brepols.