An KIK-IRPA art historian gains an award



The Académie française has just given an award for the first monograph by the IRPA art historian, Pierre-Yves Kairis, published in 2015 (by the Parisian publishing house Arthéna) on the 17th-century painter and architect from Liège, Bertholet Flémal, the Raphael of the Low Countries. This magnificent, richly illustrated volume reviews in depth the works of a man who was, in his time, the most prominent painter at work in Liège, a city that was a very original artistic melting pot in the European context. In addition to Flémal, the author revisits an entire century of painting in Liège.

The Académie française commends this lengthy scientific work, which challenges many thoughtlessly repeated pseudo-certitudes. It also honours the IRPA by recognising its important contribution to art history research. Pierre-Yves Kairis will be welcomed under the Cupola on 01 December this year for the Academy's annual award ceremony.

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