The KIK-IRPA at the 18th Triennial conference of ICOM-CC

The 18th triennial conference of ICOM-CC, from 4 to 8 September in Copenhagen, united over 1000 specialists from all corners of the world. 

Our colleagues Marjolijn Debulpaep (head of the Preventive conservation unit), Emmanuelle Mercier (head of the polychrome wood sculpture studio) and Camille De Clercq (stone sculpture studio) contributed with presentations in their domain of expertise.

Marjolijn Debulpaep took part in the lectures Using blended learning to strengthen capacity in storage reorganization in Canada, Belgium and Southeast Europe (S. Lambert, M. Debulpaep, A. Nikolic) and Team-up and Re-group, Re-use and Re-vive! Lessons learnt from Re-Org workshops around the world (C. Antomarchi, M. Debulpaep, V. Dzikic, A. Ghadban, G. de Guichen, S. Lambert). 

Emmanuelle Mercier gave a survey of 50 years of study and conservation since the first meeting of the sculpture working group of ICOM-CC at the KIK-IRPA in 1967 under the auspices of Paul Philippot in her lecture Brussels-Copenhagen (1967-2017): A story of the history of polychrome sculpture. 

Camille De Clercq, lastly, presented The Brussels Town Hall sculpture – A colourful past retrieved (C. De Clercq, J. De Roy). 

The preprints will appear on the website of ICOM-CC in January 2018.