Pre-eyckian painting revealed

IRPA/KIK's new publication, Pre-Eyckian Panel Painting in the Low Countries, is a landmark study on painting preceding the Flemish Primitives. For the first time, a considerable corpus of pre-Eyckian panel paintings was subjected to a thorough multidisciplinary study. This reference work is published jointly with the Centre for the Study of Fifteenth-Century Painting in the Southern Netherlands and the Principality of Liège, recently integrated into IRPA/KIK.

Brussels, March 12 2009 - IRPA/KIK releases a two-volume publication that reveals the results of six years of research by art historians, restorators, chemists, physicists and dendrochronologists uniting their forces to decipher pre-Eyckian painting. The first volume focuses on the material, technical and art historical study of ten art objects in Belgian collections that represent around one third of the worldwide corpus. The second volume contains six contributions by experts from Belgium and abroad on topics either directly related to the study or derived from wider observations made during the research . The research, still ongoing, has already led to a remarkable redrawing of the pre-Eyckian landscape.

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