IRPA/KIK participates in CHarisma

IRPA/KIK participates in CHARISMA (Cultural Heritage Advanced Research Infrastructures), an ambitious research infrastructure project funded by the European Commission. In the framework of the project's networking activities we will contribute to the development of best practices and protocols towards common standards and the promotion of scientific excellence. In the framework of the Joint Research Activity - aimed towards the improvement of innovative methodologies and instrumentation for laboratory research - IRPA/KIK will be involved in the research on "Organic material identification in micro-stratigraphies" and on "Organic colorants in ancient and contemporary art". The former will entail the optimalisation of the pretreatment of reference and of historical cross-section samples from mural paint and manuscripts, as well as FTIR imaging analysis. In the latter will be studied the external factors at the level of the vegetable sources that affect the composition of the colorants (which is identified by chromatographic analysis of new and historical textiles), as well as the advantages and limits of different techniques for the extraction of organic textile colorants for chromatographic analysis. In a last subtask, dealing with the "Characterisation of early synthetic colorants", we will be able to put our modern apparatus and expertise on early synthetic dyes to full use.

Participating laboratories at IRPA/KIK:
- Textiles laboratory

- Decoration of historic monuments and wall painting laboratory


For more information see CHARISMA website or contact IRPA/KIK team leader Ina Vanden Berghe (ina.vandenberghe @