24-25/09/12 Conference portals: Call for papers

'The Romanesque Portals of the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Tournai: Contextualisation and Restoration' (Tournai, Maison de la Culture, 24 & 25 September 2012)

The 12th century 'Porte Mantile' and 'Porte du Capitole' are among the most interesting Romanesque portals of Belgium. In the context of the Cathedral's major restoration campaign, these two portals will be thoroughly restored. A preliminary study will be initiated in 2012 for a better understanding of their structure.

In line with this preliminary study and in anticipation of the restoration treatment, the Département du Patrimoine is organising an international meeting, supported by the scientific collaboration of IRPA-KIK. This symposium should give an opportunity to update the knowledge on the subject and will focus on contextualising both portals. The primary aim is to extend knowledge in its broadest sense, whether technical, typological, stylis-tic, iconographical, etc. The architecture as much as the sculpture will be the focal point. Comparison with contemporary portals, in particular of France, will also be at the heart of the gathering's concerns.

Paper proposals: title and summary (15 to 30 lines maximum) to be returned with a brief CV (maximum 2 pages, with the author's complete contact details), in Word format and in attachment, before 12 March 2012 to francoise.duperroy@spw.wallonie.be
The papers, lasting a maximum of 20 to 25 minutes, can be presented in French, Dutch or English.
The travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses of speakers coming from outside of the Tournai region will be reimbursed by the organisers.

Scientific Organisation : Département  du Patrimoine, Service public de Wallonie, Namur (DGO4) - Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Brussels (IRPA-KIK)
Organisation : Agence intercommunale de Développement IDETA, Tournai

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