Audit of the KIK-IRPA

At the request of the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) the KIK-IRPA ordered an audit of its scientific activities, services and management of its photo collection. Over the course of a year the Dutch firm Technopolis Group has analysed our strategic documents  and conducted interviews with some of our staff members, partners and clients. Four international experts moreover spent three days at our institute to learn more about our activities.

There are few international institutions of comparable size that work in such a collaborative way’: this evaluation emphasizes the exemplary multidisciplinary collaboration of the KIK-IRPA and the exceptional quality of its work. It underlines the enthusiasm and solidary of its personnel and the institute’s active participation in several European projects. While it was impossible for the experts to grasp all aspects of the KIK-IRPA’s activities – documentation, art historical research, conservation-restoration and lab analyses –, they did confirm the KIK-IRPA’s strength in several of its domains of expertise.

This evaluation and the opportunities it presents will enable the KIK-IRPA to refine and express its strategy, a process that started some months ago. The audit also gives recommendations to the Belgian government to create a more stable and durable context for our institution, with a greater autonomy and more attention for our current needs. We hope that the recommendations by Technopolis Group will serve here as well as a solid base for further dialogue.  

Read the abstract of the audit (pdf)