Monuments and monumental decoration lab


The Monuments and Monumental Decoration lab investigates the deterioration phenomena of Architectural and Urban Heritage. Conducts research into the weathering mechanisms of stone materials and looks for optimal treatment methods and materials for sustainable conservation. Through years of experience in the field, the multidisciplinary team of a dozen specialists has built up a great deal of expertise. In addition to engineers and a doctor in chemistry, a geologist, conservators-restorers and technicians are also part of this lab.


The main responsibilities of the lab are to disseminate scientific research through publications in national and international professional literature and to give advice on real world conservation and restoration projects. Advice to the field comes from scientific research in the lab and at the same time the experience from the fieldwork serves as a starting point for new research.


The most requested studies are (but not limited to):


Salt remedy tests

Analysis of mortars

Analysis of paint layers

Moisture and salt research

Natural stone identification

Climate studies and monitoring

Moisture transport and computer simulations

Scientific support for (preventive) conservation and management


Other examples:

Development and analysis of repair mortars. Research into restoration techniques and materials. Investigating building physics. 3D scanning. Drone inspection. Cathodic protection.


Some examples of our instruments:

Polarized Light Microscope (PLM), IC (Ion Chromatography), Raman Spectroscopy, (E)SEM-EDX (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope-Energy Dispersive X-ray Analyse), XRD (X-ray diffraction), MIP (Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry), TGA en DTA (Thermogravimetry-Differential Thermal analysis, DRMS (Drilling Resistance Measurement System).



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Contact person: Sebastiaan Godts

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