Painting laboratory

The painting laboratory studies the components of the pictorial layers of paintings (pigments, dyes, binding agents, varnish, additive agents, etc.). For this purpose, the lab uses different non-destructive analysis techniques and microscopic samples.












Non-invasive study of pigments using micro raman spectroscopy (Painting: Hal (3) by Raoul De Keyser, 1985, S.M.A.K. Collection, Ghent, Belgium)

The most important exams are:
- stratigraphical exam;
- identification of mineral pigments;
- identification of (synthetic) organic pigments;
- identification of organic binding agents and varnish.

The laboratory focuses on:
- development of methods for the study of modern and contemporary paintings;
- development of analytical methods that would allow us to narrow down the required sample size;
-  study of properties and chemical behavior of ancient pictorial materials.



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 Study of a cross-section (stratigraphy) with optical microscope under visible and uv-light.
Contact person: Dr. Steven Saverwyns • steven.saverwyns @ • + 32 (0)2 739.68.46