The inventories

IRPA’s mission is to study and conserve cultural property, which means establishing a heritage inventory. Since IRPA was created, the institute keeps an up-to-date indicative photographic inventory of Belgium’s cultural heritage.

From 1967, the Culture Ministers, afraid that the modification of the liturgy would touch the movable composition of churches, asked IRPA to make an inventory of the movable heritage of all churches in Belgiun. The result: "Photographic Repertoire of the Moveable Art Objects of Places of Worship in Belgium" (Répertoire photographique du mobilier des sanctuaires de Belgique), consisting of 213 volumes covering the whole country!

IRPA then undertook the punctual inventory of the cultural heritage of the CPAS (Public Social Welfare Centres) by updating collections, often unknown but that make up an important part of the cultural heritage of the communities.

Other inventories on the heritage of other institutions were carried out.

These inventories include both reference works for scientific research and unique tools of heritage management!