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Manual for the conservation of tapestries, with examples from the tapestry collection of the Museu de Lleida (Spain)

Fanny Van Cleven (IRPA-KIK, intern).
Internship supervisor: Christina Ceulemans (IRPA-KIK).
1 May 2008 – 31 April 2010.

Since 2000, the Workshop for conservation-restoration of textiles of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage has cooperated closely with the Museu de Lleida in Spain. The museum has a significant collection of 16th-century tapestries from Brussels. A number of these are being treated in view of an exhibition in 2010. When the project is finished, IRPA-KIK will have restored eight tapestries, the result of almost ten years of intensive work. Each tapestry displayed specific signs of degradation and aging. At some point in time one tapestry was cut in two, while another contained traces of candle grease, and still others featured large lacunae. The wide variety of the collection requires thorough consideration of each specific intervention. The manual will discuss the conservation treatment of tapestries in general, illustrated with examples from this exceptional collection.