Polychromy lab > Metal sulphides

Role and long-term evolution of metal sulphides in painted works of art

Participating institutions: University of Antwerp (Prof. Koen Janssens, partner 1 - coordinator), Université de Liège (dr. David Strivay, partner 2; Helena da Calvo, assistant) and KIK-IRPA (Dr Jana Sanyova, partner 3; Marc Vermeulen, assistant)

Collaborators: Steven Saverwyns, Marina Van Bos, Hélène Dubois and Emmanuelle Mercier (KIK-IRPA), Prof. Patrick Bertrand and Claude Poleunis (UCL), Marika Spring (Scientific department, National Gallery London), Julie Arslanoglu (Department of Scientific Research, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York), Marianne Decroly and Françoise Urbain (independent conservators)

National project financed by BELSPO in the framework of the research programme "Science for a sustainable development", project campaign "Natural risks on ecosystems and the socio-cultural heritage in Belgium and Central Africa"


Duration: 1 May 2012-30 April 2016 


Polychromy lab > The Ghent Altarpiece

The Ghent Altarpiece in the Laboratory 60 Years after Paul Coremans: The Contribution of New Analytical Techniques

Promoter: Jana Sanyova, PhD (KIK-IRPA); half-time contractual collaborator: Cécile Glaude (KIK-IRPA, laboratory assistant)
KIK-IRPA collaborators: Steven Saverwyns (laboratories), Hélène Dubois and Marie Postec (painting conservation studio) External collaborators: Prof. Patrick Bertrand, PhD and Claude Poleunis (UCL), Prof. Koen Janssens, PhD (University of Antwerp), Prof. David Strivay, PhD (University of Liège), Prof. Peter Vandenabeele, PhD (Ghent University), Marika Spring (National Gallery London), Julie Arslanoglu, PhD (Metropolitan Museum of New York), Jean-Pierre Sosson (historian, Prof. em. UCL).  

Interdisciplinary research project financed by the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) in the framework of the research campaign "Action 1: Impulse for Research in the Belgian Federal Scientific Institutes" (MO/39/011).

15 February 2012-14 February 2016

Since the start of the conservation-restoration treatment of the Ghent Altarpiece, carried out in Ghent by the KIK-IRPA (October 2012-October 2017), this project provides scientific support to the team of restorers.