Stone sculpture studio > City Hall Prophets

Conservation-restoration treatment of the original architectural stone sculptures of Brusselsí City Hall, permanently exhibited in the Gothic Hall of the Museum of the City of Brussels/Broodhuis

Conducted by Camille De Clercq (KIK).
Starting in 2010.


Stone sculpture studio > Our Lady Halle

Study and conservation-restoration treatment of the statue of Our Lady of the Tower portal of Saint Martinís Basilica in Halle, end of the 14th century

Camille De Clercq (IRPA-KIK).
Project financed by the King Baudouin Foundation.
October 2010-March 2014.


Stone sculpture studio > Boussu

Restoration of three mausoleums and LíHomme ŗ moulons in the Chapel of the Lords of Boussu

Staff members: Judy De Roy, Lieselote Hoornaert, Sam Huysmans, Camille De Clercq, Danuta Stelmaszyk (trainee), Erica Chiummariello (trainee), Nicolas Verhulst, Tanaquil Berto, Sam Kegels (trainee) and Stefaan De Vlieger (trainee)

External partners: Willaert Ruben bvba (restoration of the architectural part of the Mausoleum of Jean de Hénnin-Liétard) and ACM Raymakers-Rossen-Vereecke (restoration of the architectural part of the Mausoleum of Maximilian II)

Project financed with the support of the InBev-Baillet Latour Fund and the Léon Courtin-Marcelle Bouché Fund
Duration: 2010-2015 


Stone sculpture studio > Spandrels Sablon

Conservation and restoration of the spandrels and architectural elements related to the murals in the choir of the Our Blessed Lady of the Sablon church in Brussels

KIK-IRPA employees: Camille De Clercq, Sam Huysmans and Danuta Stelmaszyk

Financing: Anonymous patronage and subsidies from the Brussels Capital Region awarded upon the advice of the Royal Commission for Monuments and Landscapes

Duration: 2016