Textiles studio > The life of Christ

Treatment of tapestries with The Life of Christ from the St Salvator Cathedral in Bruges

Staff members: Fanny Van Cleven (coordination), Shirin Van Eenhooge, Anouk Van Beurden, Michelle De Brueker, Rosetta Turco, Chantal Carpentier and Greta Bocqué.

Project carried out on behalf of the St Salvator Cathedral church wardens and the Museums of Bruges, financed by the InBev-Baillet-Latour Fund.  


Textiles studio > Three textile objects

Conservation of three textile objects from the Treasury of the Cathedral of Our Lady in Tournai

Staff members: Michelle De Brueker and Judith Goris (processional baldachin), Anouk Van Beurden (chasuble), Fanny Van Cleven (Ecce Homo) and Greta Bocqué (dyeing consolidation materials).

Project led by Les Amis de la Cathédrale de Tournai and Fanny Van Cleven (KIK-IRPA).

Project financed by the InBev-Baillet Latour Fund (processional baldachin) and Les Amis de la Cathédrale de Tournai (chasuble of Thomas Becket and Ecce Homo tapestry).

Duration: 2014-2015.


Textiles studio > Legend Our Lady Sablon

Conservation of the tapestry Legend of Our Lady of the Sablon from the collection of the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels

Staff members: Anouk Van Beurden and Shirin Van Eenhooge.

Project financed by the King Boudewijn Foundation.

Duration: 2014-2015.


Textiles studio > Manual conservation of ta

Manual for the conservation of tapestries, with examples from the tapestry collection of the Museu de Lleida (Spain)

Fanny Van Cleven (IRPA-KIK, intern).
Internship supervisor: Christina Ceulemans (IRPA-KIK).
1 May 2008 – 31 April 2010.


Textiles studio > Flags Liège

Conservation of two flags from the City Hall of Liège

Project led by Claudine Schloss (Bibliothèque Ulysse, Liège) and financed by the David-Constant Fund, managed by the King Boudewijn Foundation

Duration: 2014