Wall painting studio > Ponthoz and Bois2

Pluridisciplinary study of wall paintings in Ponthoz and Bois

Collaborators: Ilona Hans-Collas, Walter Schudel, Marina Van Bos and Helena Wouters.
Duration: 2006-2015.


Wall painting studio > Wall paintings

Mural paintings in Belgium (1300-1550). Study and review of existing IRPA/KIK documentation. New approach using digital documentation and condition report forms for the establishment of a list of priorities for conservation treatment and art historical st

Ilona Collas (IRPA-KIK, doctor in art history), Marie-Hélène Ghisdal and Linda Van Dijck (IRPA-KIK, conservator-restorers) – Promoter: Myriam Serck-Dewaide  Project part of the framework for employment of additional researchers, conforming to the law of July 18 1997.
January 1–December 31 2009.


Wall painting studio > Antwerp

Restoration of the vault paintings and wall paintings of the Chapel of the Venerable of the Cathedral of Our Lady (south lateral nave), dating from the 15th and 16th century

Thre conservator-restorers KIK-IPRA: Begga Vermaelen, Tinne Beirens and Walter Schudel (until June 2008).
Project financed by ING (ING Philantropic Fund in Belgium) via the King Baudouin Foundation and the Blessed Sacrament coporation.

May 2006-March 2010.


Wall painting studio > Zoutleeuw

Preliminary study on the restauration treatement of the Last Judgement scene on the south wall of the south transept in St-Leonard's church in Zoutleeuw


Ilona Collas (KIK-IRPA, doctor in art history), Estelle De Groote, Linda Van Dijck and Marie-Hélène Ghisdal (KIK-IRPA, conservator-restorers)
Project financed by the King Baudouin Foundation (ING Philantropic Funds)

October 2012-March2013