Polychrome wood sculpture studio > Fixation

Research into the behaviour and ageing of products used by the KIK-IRPA to fix coats of paint

Supervisors: Dr Emmanuelle Mercier (polychrome wood sculpture studio) and Dr Jana Sanyova (Polychrome artefacts lab)


Scientific assistants (additional researchers, BELSPO): Pauline Coquerel (conservator-restorer) and Dr Noémie Dechamps (chemist)

Start of the project: 1 February 2014


Polychrome wood sculpture studio > P. I Scheemaeckers altarp

Co-ordination and scientific follow-up of the study and treatment of the three altarpieces by Pieter I Scheemaeckers in the church of Our Lady of Aarschot

Project manager: KIK-IRPA
Project leader: Ingrid Geelen (KIK-IRPA)

Commanditary: Church administration of Our Lady Aarschot
Conservation: IPARC cvba, Malyster bvba, Raymakers-Rossen vof, Artes Restauratie en Monumentenzorg thv, Schilderwerken Dewitte bvba
Scaffolding: Vandermeulen bvba
Safety co-ordinator: 2B-Safe bvba
Advice climate and biological  en biological damage: Monumentenwacht Vlaams-Brabant vzw
Financing: Flemish Government (Onroerend Erfgoed), province of Flemish Brabant, City of Aarschot
Duration: 2011-2016
Art historical assistance: Valérie Herremans, Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp


Polychrome wood sculpture studio > Saints Jacob and Joseph

Study and treatment of the sculptures Saint Jacob and Saint Joseph of the Brussels Church of Our Lady of Assistance, attributed to Jean Baptiste Van der Haeghen.

Conservators-restorers from IRPA-KIK: Erika Benati Rabelo, Sandy Van Wissen, Marta Estadella Colomé (intern) and Justine Marchal (intern).
Project financed by the Administration of Monuments and Sites of the Brussels-Capital Region, with the support of the fabric of the Church of Our Lady of Assistance.


Polychrome wood sculpture studio > Sedes Séron-sous-Forville

Study and restoration of the Sedes Sapientiae of the Church of Saint-Laurent of Séron-sous-Forville (province of Namur), second half of 12th century, 85 cm

Collaboration between IRPA-KIK (Emmanuelle Mercier, head of the Polychrome wood sculpture workshop), the Société archéologique de Namur (Maïté Pacco) and the Musée des Arts anciens du Namurois (Jacques Toussaint).
Project generously supported by the Léon Courtin-Marcelle Bouché Fund, administered by the King Baudouin Foundation.


Polychrome wood sculpture studio > Altarpiece of St Denis

The St Denis Altarpiece of the Collegial church of St Denis in Liège. Study and conservation-restoration.

Promoter: Emmanuelle Mercier (KIK-IRPA, head of the wood sculpture studio).
Collaborators from the KIK-IRPA: Isabel Bedos-Balsach, Vincent Cattersel, Fanny Cayron, Véronique Geniets (wood sculpture studio), Jana Sanyova (polychromy lab), Pascale Fraiture (dendrochronology lab).
Scientific committee: S. Guillot de Suduiraut, C. Périer d’Ieteren, B. d’Hainaut Zveny, B. Van den Bossche, M. Lefftz, E. van Binnebeke, R. De Boodt, D.Allart, M. Serck-Dewaide, D. Steyaert, J.-A. Glatigny.
Project financed by the InBev-Baillet Latour Fund and the David-Constant Fund, both managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.
March 2012-March 2014.


Polychrome wood sculpture studio > Master of Elsloo

The works of the late-medieval sculptor the ‘Master of Elsloo' in Belgian ownership: art-historical and technical research in an international perspe

Promoter: Christina Ceulemans

Project within the framework of the research campaign Stimulation of Research in the Federal Scientific Institutes (Action 1) - 2010-2011