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The Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage publishes its specialised journal, the Bulletin, the prestigious collection Scientia Artis, and three series devoted to the Flemish Primitives: the Corpus, the Repertoire and the Contributions.

You too can publish your article in the journal! Articles should be submitted by 1 December 2023.

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Bulletin38 MID

Bulletin 38 | 2023

ISSN 0085-1892, 2023
€ 30
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Bulletin37 web

Bulletin 37 | 2021-2022

ISSN 0085-1892, 2022
€ 45
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Bulletin36 web

Bulletin 36 | 2019-2020

ISSN 0085-1892, 2021
€ 45
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Bulletin35 web

Bulletin 35 | 2016-2018

ISSN 0085-1892, 2019
€ 45
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Bulletin 34

Bulletin 34 | 2013-2015

ISSN 0085-1892, 2016
€ 45
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Bulletin33 web

Bulletin 33 | 2013-2015

ISSN 0085-1892, 2013
€ 15
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