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Made in Malines

Les statuettes malinoises ou poupées de Malines de 1500-1540

Étude matérielle et typologique

F. Cayron & D. Steyaert
Under the scientific collaboration of Emmanuelle Mercier
With the collaboration of Famke Peters
ISBN 978-2-930054-37-7
2019, KIK-IRPA, 233 p.
Available in French
Serie: Scientia Artis
€ 48
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The "Malines dolls", delicate statues of undeniable charm

Made in Malines! Behind this title, which sounds like something out of an advertisement, lies a mark or rather a whole series of enigmatic mark. These were added c. 1500 to statuettes commonly known as "Malines dolls": the M and coat of arms with three pales from the town of Malines, but also the marking BRVESEL, the monograms I*T, IS, JE, and the names DOERMAEL, HEINRIC...

Two researchers – an art historian and a sculpture conservator – have united forcesto produce an authentic investigation into this flourishing production in the Southern Netherlands towards the end of the Gothic period. This interdisciplinary study, carried out at KIK-IRPA in Brussels, leads us to the workshops where sculptors and polychromists worked together to make these little objects for use in private devotion, and whose success was considerable.

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reveal some of their secrets...

The study bears witness to the great number of pieces conserved, of which over six hundred were listed in the research project, and also to the fact that they were also exported, especially to Spain and Portugal. Magellan apparently took a statuette from Malines with him on his voyage around the world (1519-1522). Still highly prized today, these delicate statuettes with an undeniable charm are ready to reveal some of their secrets.

Cabe resaltar el valor de la documentación gráfica que incluye la publicación, con numerosos detalles de las esculturas, de la minuciosa policromía y de las marcas.

A. Carrassón & M. Gómez (Ge-conservación nº 17/ 2019)
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