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KIK-IRPA publications

Richly illustrated books
to understand Belgian heritage

The KIK-IRPA's Bulletin

The scientific journal on the study, conservation and scientific analysis of Belgium's heritage.

Are you a researcher? Publish the results of your research in the Bulletin!

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Scientia Artis

A dive into the heart of heritage, from various angles... A collection of monographs, exhibition catalogues or conference proceedings to discover the results of research projects and scientific events organised by or with KIK-IRPA.

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Our 3 series on Flemish Primitives

Corpus of Flemish Primitives

A scientific analysis of the paintings by Flemish Masters between 1400 and 1500 in various important public collections.

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Contributions to the Study of the Flemish Primitives

Focus on specific subjects in 15th-century Southern Netherlandish painting.

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Repertory of Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Flemish Painting

The study of Flemish paintings from little-known or difficult-to-access collections.

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