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The Bulletin of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

The scientific journal on the study, conservation and scientific analysis of Belgian heritage

Art history and heritage studies

Founded in 1958, the Bulletin of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage is one of the oldest and most prestigious international journals in art history and heritage studies.

The journal publishes original contributions on the history of art in present-day Belgium, in the former southern Low Countries and the Principality of Liege, as well as its influence in Europe and throughout the world. It focuses on the period from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. The journal focuses on an object-oriented monographic approach with contributions that address innovative matters in the field, provided that they are framed in a sociological, political or cultural context.

In the heritage field, the journal publishes original contributions on conservation-restoration and the sciences applied to heritage, emphasising texts capable of offering new perspectives on research and restoration techniques, notably through innovative methodological approaches. An interdisciplinary approach is particularly appreciated.

Articles are submitted to the peer-review system. The journal accepts articles in English, French or Dutch. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the illustrations.

An online journal

Bulletin 39, scheduled for publication in 2024, will mark the transition to an exclusively online journal, hosted on the OpenEdition platform.

You too can publish your article of your review in the Bulletin!

Articles for the Bulletin 40 should be submitted by 1 December 2024.

The scientific editorial committee assesses the article and, upon acceptance, organises a peer review. The author is then informed of the referees' remarks and, if necessary, given time to rework the article.

Publication reviews are also due by 1 December 2024.

Bulletin 39 will be published in late 2024.

Bulletin 40 will be published in late 2025.

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Copyrights and licences

As of 5 September 2018, all scholarly publications on the results of research funded by public or private grants from national, regional and international research councils and funding bodies must be published in open access journals or platforms, or immediately available without embargo in open archives.

All publications must be published under an open licence, in order to meet the requirements of the Berlin Declaration.

The Bulletin of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage is published under an open licence CC BY. The authors of the journal retain all rights without restriction.

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