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Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA)

The KIK-IRPA is a federal scientific institute responsible for the documentation, study and conservation-restoration of the cultural and artistic heritage of our country.

Art historians, photographers, chemists, archaeologists, engineers and conservator-restorers carry out interdisciplinary research on the materials and techniques used in works of art and cultural artefacts and on the materials and methods used in conservation-restoration.

The KIK-IRPA is a unique resource for scientific, photographic and technical documentation of the cultural heritage of the country. More information

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3-4|09 SOIMA 2015: Unlocking sound&image heritage
See, Listen and Share! What? An international conference on ensuring a safe and creative future for sound and image heritage. Twelve national and international institutions are supporting the event hosted in Brussels by the KIK-IRPA. Why? Recorded sound and images have captured our world, our li...
22-24|10|2015 Symposium Flesh, gold and wood
On 22, 23 and 24 October 2015 the KIK-IRPA organises its 16th Art History Seminar in Brussels, entitled Flesh, Gold and Wood. The Saint-Denis altarpiece in Liège and the question of partial paint practices in the 16th century. The recent treatment of the Brussels altarpiece of the Chur...
19-21|10|2016 EECHB International Conference
We are pleased to announce the 2nd International Conference on Energy Efficiency and Comfort of Historic Buildings (EECHB 2016) of which Hilde De Clercq, Head of the Laboratories department of the KIK-IRPA, is member of the Organizing Committee and International Scientific Committee. This event will...