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Working with Glass in Belgium

Glass in the spotlight. Two meeting days on the occasion of the International Year of Glass.

Date and time
17 November 2022 09:00 - 18 November 2022 18:00
Brussel, Jubelpark & Charleroi, Bois du Cazier

As part of the United Nations International Year of Glass, the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, in collaboration with the Art & History Museum (RMAH-KMKG) and the Glass Museum of Charleroi, is organising a two-day symposium on glass.

On 17 November, the Royal Museum of Art and History will host a lecture on glass collections in Belgium, followed by a visit to the antique glass gallery and the temporary exhibition "Medallions. Miniatures on glass". In the afternoon, at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Géraldine Bussienne will show you the Glass and Ceramics Studio. Isabelle Lecocq will further present her research and activities on stained-glass windows, documentation and the photo library. Finally, Helena Wouters will explain her work in the Glass Lab and the Metal Lab.

NOVEMBER 17, 2022


Morning at the Royal Museum of Art and History

10, Parc du Cinquantenaire, 1000 Brussel

9.45 am : Introduction: A look at three glass collections/ museums in Brussels, Liège and Charleroi – in French Valérie Montens, Catherine Thomas and Isabelle Verhoeven

10.15 am : Visit of the Glass Gallery – in French

11.30 am: Visit of the semi-permanent exhibition “Medallions. Miniatures on glass“– in French

Afternoon at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

1, Parc du Cinquantenaire, 1000 Brussel

2 pm : Welcome by Hilde de Clercq, Director, and Camille de Clercq, Head of Conservation and Restoration Department

2.30 pm : Visits

  • Study, documentation and inventory: Isabelle Lecocq, in the Documentation Centre (in French)
  • Conservation and restoration of glass, Géraldine Bussienne, in the Glass and Ceramic Studio (in French)
  • Study and analysis of glass : Helena Wouters, in the Glass Lab (in French or in Dutch)

4.30 pm : Friendly time and exchanges

NOVEMBER 18, 2022


The Glass Museum of Charleroi /

Espace « Amercoeur » – The Bois du Cazier

80, rue du Cazier, 80, 6001 Marcinelle

8.30 am : Reception and breakfast

9 am : Opening

  • Thomas dermine, State Secretary for Science Policy, Recovery Program and Strategic Investments

9.10 - 11 am

Session I : Restoration and preventive conservation

Session chair: Catherine Thomas


  • Teaching glass conservation at ENSAV La Cambre - Sarah Benrubi
  • Teaching conservation and restoration of glass at ESA Saint-Luc Liège School of art : current research - Catherine Cools

Daily heritage restoration

  • Stained glass conservation in Wallonia & Brussels - Patrick Broers
  • Stained glass research in between Art history and Conservation - Aletta Rambaut
  • Conservation and chrono-typological studies of glass at KIK-IRPA - Géraldine Bussienne
  • From Blaschka’s glass models to wheel glass engraving - Isabelle Pirotte
  • 75 years of Atelier Mestdagh, a story of passion, tradition and change - Katrien Mestdagh

11 am : Breaktime and exchanges

11.15 am – 1 pm

Session II : Glass industry

Session chair: Jean-Pierre deLande

  • CEFOVERRE : the Glass skills center - Gert achten & Jérémie Fraselle
  • The Belgian Glass Federation : a constant evolution in line with its industry - Thomas daVreux
  • How does AGC intend to decarbonize the flat glass industry? - Marc Foguenne
  • Glass packaging – facts and figures in Belgium - Yann Wetz

Session III : Museums

Session chair: Géraldine Bussienne

  • Waiting for the tram. The Glass department of the Grand Curtius in Liège - Isabelle Verhoeven
  • Glass in The Art & History Museum : which perspectives? - Valérie Montens
  • The Glass Museum of Charleroi: from a personal collection to public inheritance - Catherine Thomas

1 pm : Lunch

2.15 – 4.15 pm

Session IV : Research in history of art and archaeology

Session chair : Yvette Vanden Bemden

  • The production of core-formed glass vessels in late Archaic to Hellenistic times - Peter cosyns
  • The Corpus Vitrearum. International research project (UAI) recording historical stained glass - Madeleine Manderyck
  • Macro- and microscopic examination of glass - Helena Wouters
  • Archaeological and archaeometrical studies of glass at Liège University and beyond - Line Van Wersch
  • An art historian’s take on stained glass - Isabelle Lecocq
  • Windows glass in Gallia Belgica and Germania Inferior : production and uses - Géraldine Frère

Session V : Artistic Glass – Teaching and Creations

Session chair : Anne Van Latum

  • IKA glass, a melting pot of arts & crafts since almost 40 years - Sandra de Clerck
  • How to teach glass art in Academies of fine arts at a reduced schedule - Véronique de Barquin, Chantal Delporte, Barbara Faludi
  • The space projet - Stijn Wuyts
  • Artiste, nom m/f : a person who creates art using conscious skill and creative imagination - Anuschka Bayens/Anusch B

4.30 pm : Conclusions

4.45 pm : Reception

Registrations only by email to the address

You can register for both days or just one (please specify it in your email)

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