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Closer to Memling: Dive into the Work of Hans Memling

The website Closer to Memling offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of Hans Memling, a renowned painter of the Flemish Renaissance. This innovative project utilises cutting-edge scientific imaging techniques to provide ultra-high-resolution images of Memling's works. Closer to Memling offers a unique and fascinating visual journey into the heart of the artistic finesse of the 15th century.

Musea Brugge

The Project

The newly launched website Closer to Memling offers an immersive experience into the artistic world of Hans Memling, a master of Flemish Renaissance painting. This innovative project, initiated by Musea Brugge, aims to highlight Memling's work through ultra-high-resolution images, enabling a detailed and intimate exploration of his creations. The website currently shows works from Musea Brugge's collection. Works by Memling kept in other institutions worldwide will soon be added.

Hans Memling

Hans Memling (1430-1494) is an emblematic figure of Flemish art. His technical mastery and ability to capture the human essence with delicacy and precision made him famous far beyond the borders of his hometown, Bruges. His works, often religious, are distinguished by their finesse, attention to detail, and use of color.

Scientific Imaging Techniques

The Closer to Memling site stands out for its use of advanced scientific imaging techniques. The Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA) played a crucial role in creating the high-resolution images. In 2024, the site will be enriched with new images from technical research, including infrared reflectography (IRR) imaging and four types of lighting in macro photography. These techniques reveal the underlying layers of the paintings and offer a deeper understanding of Memling's creative process.

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Curious to find out how the beautiful images of Hans Memling’s paintings were created?

The Partners

The production of Closer to Memling required the collaboration of numerous partners. For the capture and processing of images, Musea Brugge benefited from the scientific imaging expertise of KIK-IRPA. The stitching of images was carried out by Universum Digitalis BV, a spin-off of VUB. Musea Brugge also benefited from the expertise and advice of prestigious partners such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Queens University, the University of Antwerp, UCLouvain, the Flemish Art Collection, and Van Gogh Worldwide. Finally, to present the results of this research to the public, a collaboration was established with Thomas More Hogeschool, Meemoo, and Toerisme Brugge.

Closer to Memling represents a major advancement in the understanding and appreciation of Hans Memling's works, allowing a wider audience to access details previously invisible to the naked eye.

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