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Ancient glass

Principles of conservation, display and maintenance

C. Fontaine-Hodiamont
ISBN 978-2-930054-32-2
2019, KIK-IRPA, 28 p.
Available in Dutch, French, English
Serie: Other
€ 5
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Some rules for good conduct

This revised and augmented version, entitled Ancient glass: principles of conservation, display and maintenance, forms part of the vast field of preventive conservation. The book is aimed at everyone with an interest in ancient glass, both professionals and amateurs (conservators, technicians, collectors, archaeologists, students etc.).

Vademecum Glass brings together the rules for good conduct and common sense. It is also designed to enable beginners to start out in the world of glass and changes to its status, teaching them to have a “trained eye” and detect certain anomalies. It reminds archaeologists of the movements that save glass and of good questions to ask themselves. The book also establishes limits to intervention: there are some cases in which only a specialist, a qualified restorer, can intervene.

The publication includes a wide range of specific cases, illustrated and commented. It is a synthesis of what has been found or treated at the glass conservation-restoration workshop at the KIK-IRPA for over forty years now.

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