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Preserving the past and shaping the future

The Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage is the federal institution that documents, studies and preserves Belgium's cultural and artistic heritage.

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Thank you for your vote!

On Sunday 27 November 2022 at the stroke of midnight, the voting campaign for the Heritage Challenge 2022 ended.

Currently, all votes are being checked. We will communicate the final voting results as soon as possible.

The overall winner of the Heritage Challenge 2022 will be announced on Thursday 12 January 2023.

Our services

Public institutions, but also owners of private collections in Belgium and abroad, can apply to our institution for the conservation, study and documentation of works of art and other heritage objects. You can contact us for:

  • Conservation of art works
  • Scientific analysis methods and dating techniques
  • Photography and scientific imaging
  • Art historical research

We share our knowledge and expertise

One of the core tasks of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage is collecting, archiving and disseminating the scientific research data from all disciplines covered by our experts. We also play a pioneering role in the field of Open Data in the arts and heritage sector. We want to share our knowledge and expertise with the heritage sector and the general public as much as possible.

  • Discover our exceptional range of documentation
  • Read more about our activities
  • Join our team as an employee or intern

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Floods July 2021: contact point for affected heritage and call for volunteers

We were all shocked by the terrible news of the floods that struck our country. First and foremost, our hearts go out to all the victims and their families. In addition to the untold human suffering, many museums, monuments and heritage sites have been put in danger by this disaster.
The Institute linked up with other relevant authorities in a crisis committee for heritage.

News from the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

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Rubens painting successfully moved to IRPA


On Wednesday 7 September 2022, the painting "Virgin and Child surrounded by saints" by Pieter Paul Rubens was successfully transported to the Institute. An interdisciplinary conservation-restoration project will now begin at the Institute.

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