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Hilde De Clercq appointed general director of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

Hilde De Clercq has been appointed general director of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA). She continues her work of the past six years with great enthusiasm and outstanding commitment.

The Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage is one of Belgium's ten federal scientific institutions. Five of those institutions, including KIK-IRPA, have a new director since March 15, 2023. However, Hilde De Clercq, as director ad interim, has been overseeing the execution of the tasks entrusted to KIK-IRPA since 2017. She has thus been committed for several years to evolving the institution in the context of current and future challenges: climate change and sustainability, the social utility of heritage and digital transformation. "The Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage strives to keep up with these international dynamics," she says. "Taking care of heritage together, it brings people together, it connects us all."

Hilde De Clercq has known the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage for years. After a scientific education - Hilde is a chemist and received her PhD from Ghent University - she began her career at KIK-IRPA in 1994 as a researcher in the Laboratories Department. From 2006, she was in charge of the Monuments and Monument Decoration Lab. Hilde De Clercq is a member of numerous national and international scientific committees and heritage councils.

"Hilde De Clercq has held several positions at KIK-IRPA during her career, earning her stripes for the last six years as director ad interim," says State Secretary Thomas Dermine. "Her appointment and that of four other directors at other Federal Scientific Institutions is an important step towards fulfilling BELSPO's new ambitions."

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