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NEMO 2023 Conference: Driving Towards a Sustainable Future

At the heart of the NEMO European Museum Conference 2023, from 19 to 21 November in Lahti, Finland, KIK-IRPA played a crucial role in developing concrete tools to initiate a paradigm shift in the cultural sector.

The NEMO 2023 Conference, organized by the Network of European Museum Organizations, brilliantly highlighted the pivotal role of museums in contemporary society, showcasing the remarkable work of KIK-IRPA. At the heart of this dynamic, KIK-IRPA's Sustainability Unit led a co-creation workshop titled "Amplifying Democracy: Museums as Catalysts for Fostering Dialogue". Orchestrated by representatives from the Sustainability and Climate Action working group, Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Rebekka Eschauzier, Alan Miller, and Gina O'Kelly, this workshop shed light on museums' potential to amplify the voices of underrepresented groups in our democracies.

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This workshop provided a unique space for dialogue, democratic engagement, and collaborative actions, bringing together heritage professionals, activists, and NGOs. Through co-creative exercises with participants, the goal was to develop the initial steps of a methodology for organising citizen assemblies in collaboration with local stakeholders. This practical tool will be further refined by NEMO and published in early 2024.

The conference also addressed crucial topics such as the environmental impact of the cultural sector, indoor climate management, and the importance of disaster preparedness. Speakers such as Claudia Casali and Lukasz Bratasz brought innovative perspectives and challenged traditional approaches. The concluding remarks by David Vuillaume reiterated the museums' need to expand their reach and embrace their transformative potential during times of crisis, offering diverse approaches and concrete tools to address societal challenges.

The significant contribution of KIK-IRPA and the Belgian delegation to this conference highlighted the urgency of action and paved the way for a future where museums lead in promoting a more sustainable and inclusive world.

A big thank you to NEMO's Sustainability and Climate Action working group. KIK-IRPA was represented by Estelle De Bruyn (Sustainability Unit), who was present alongside Belgian colleagues Monique Verelst (FARO), Rebecca Thierfeldt (KBR), Ann Deckers (FOMU), Sergio Servellón (NEMO's board), Alexandre Chevalier (ICOM Belgium), Vanessa Braekeveld (KBR), An Lavens (Musée BELvue), Ana Salvador (House of European History), Rebekka Eschauzier (Extinction Rebellion Belgium).

For more information about the conference, please visit the NEMO website.

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