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The textile machines at the Museum of Industry in Ghent are the oldest in the world

For the first time, KIK-IRPA has researched historical machines from Belgium's industrial past. It involved the Mule Jenny and the Twine mill from the Museum of Industry in Ghent for spinning and twisting threads. Our specialists were able to confirm that the two masterpieces are the oldest of their kind in the world.

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Research in line with preservation

Experts from KIK-IRPA subjected the Twine mill and the Mule Jenny of the Museum of Industry in Ghent to an in-depth, interdisciplinary analysis. The project had been initiated as part of the preservation of the two masterpieces. By synthesising the results of all individual research disciplines and thoroughly examining the historical documents mentioning the textile machines; the origin, age and functioning of the two machines became clearer. It was the first time our institute had studied large industrial machines.

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