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A Man of Vision

Paul Coremans and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Worldwide

Proceedings of the International Symposium Paul Coremans Held in Brussels, 15-17 June 2015

D. Deneffe & D. Vanwijnsberghe (ed.)
With the collaboration of M.-C. Claes, R. Janssen & S. Laevers
With contributions by G. Vanpaemel, H. Deelstra, D. Thorburn Burns, M. Van Strydonck, C. Bourdiel, G. Madalijns, Ch. Kott, I. Hans-Collas, H. Dubois, D. Deneffe, M.-C. Claes, J. Sanyova, Y.-F. You, A. de Koomen, A. Wallert, M. van de Laar, R. F.E.D Hartmann, J.D. Portell, J. P. Filedt Kok, D. Vanwijnsberghe, S. De Caro, D. de Souza Brito, N. Gesché-Koning, K. Bonne, E. Janssen, Ch. Van Mulders, H. Todts, P. Colman, N. Goetghebeur & L. Masschelein-Kleiner
ISBN 978-2-930054-34-6
2019, KIK-IRPA, 377 p.
Available in one version with articles in French, Dutch or English
€ 48
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In June 2015, the KIK-IRPA organized an international symposium in honour of its founder and first director Paul Coremans (1908-1965). Exactly fifty years after his death, it was a unique opportunity to look back on his extraordinary career and the impact of his innovative ideas and vision on the conservation and restoration of works of art. His ground-breaking insights have been widely recognized in Belgium and all over the world. Paul Coremans' fields of interest were broad: the conservation of works of art in museums, preventive conservation and climate control, the protection of cultural heritage in times of war - a highly topical issue -, as well as the status and role of the conservator, the importance of photographic documentation and scientific research, or the detection of art forgeries. Coremans' belief in the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of works of art still inspires many art historians, conservator and scientists today.

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...a visionary Belgian scientist

This book - the Proceedings of the 2015 Brussels Symposium - presents twenty original contributions that reveal Coremans' multi-faceted personality and realizations. It is the first monograph devoted to this visionary Belgian scientist and Monuments Man.

Un ouvrage indispensable à l’histoire de la conservation-restauration ; richement illustré et documenté, il fournit un éclairage sur une période charnière, en Belgique comme au niveau international. Bien au-delà de l’approche biographique, il permet d’appréhender les connexions, les échanges qui permettent aux disciplines de se développer, et au savoir de se construire.

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