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Early Netherlandish Painting (1400-1500)

A Bibliography (1984-1998)

H. Mund & C. Stroo (red.)
ISBN 2-87033-009-8
1998, Studiecentrum Vlaamse Primitieven, 400 p.
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The study of 15th-century panel painting in the Southern Netherlands has been marked by explosive growth over the past few decades. This research has been stimulated by major exhibitions which have afforded an overview of the work of the great Masters. Smaller but excellently documented exhibitions centred on some outstanding works. These events were accompanied by symposia and colloquia, which in turn gave rise to specialised publications. In addition, large museums embarked on a systematic overhaul of their Early Netherlandish Painting collections and pioneering work in the publication of updated scientific catalogues has been done. There was felt to be a need for overviews and up-to-date handbooks. The present bibliographic reference work forms a logical extension of and supplement to the foregoing trends. Its aim is to provide both new and seasoned enquirers with a guide in their trawling through the plethora of art-history publications. It is a continuation of the Bibliographic Guide for Early Netherlandish Painting, published by M. Comblen-Sonkes in 1984. The present bibliography, covering the publications from 1984 to 1998, contains 1770 entries related to 1520 paintings. It is an indispensable working tool for every art historian in the field of Early Netherlandish painting.

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